We have a long-standing collaboration with Dr Nicola Waddell from QIMR-Berghofer (Brisbane, Australia), through which we have developed our genomics program. We have also collaborated with Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald at the University of Cambridge (UK) on oesophageal cancer genomics.

Our work with Professor Riccardo Dolcetti and A/Prof Nick Clemons from PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre (Melbourne, Australia) focuses on immune markers in oesophageal cancer patients.

A collaboration with Associate Professor Viktor Vegh, from the Centre for Advanced Imaging (UQ, Brisbane, Australia), is developing a radiomics biomarker program.

We have partnerships with cancer clinician researchers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Our group also collaborates with the Australasian Gastrointestinal Trials Group (AGITG) in the conduct of clinical trials and translational studies.