SPARQ-ed Cell and Molecular Biology Experiences are a selection of 1-or-2 day programs aimed at providing classes of junior or senior secondary students an opportunity to explore concepts and use techniques not normally covered in a school laboratory. Each one covers a small aspect of cell and molecular biology, using routine procedures to demonstrate subjects which form the core of modern biomedical research. The subject matter covered aligns with key content in the Australian Curriculum for any given year level and may be tailored to suit the needs of individual school programs.

The programs are conducted in the SPARQ-ed teaching laboratory, a PC2 rated facility located on the ground ground floor of the Translational Research Institute in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Each one is developed and supervised by the SPARQ-ed coordinator in conjunction with researchers from the University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute.

Prior to the program commencing, teachers and students should familiarise themselves with the support materials provided on the SPARQed website, including manuals and risk assessments.