Our current research projects cover three main clinical questions. Each question is addressed in the laboratory but also in clinical research

Skin wound healing

  • Modulation of wound inflammation and microbiome (NHMRC)
  • Molecular drivers of wound vascularisation and endovascular progenitors (ARC Discovery)
  • Scarring and endothelial to mesenchymal transition in wounds and scleroderma (DOD)

Clinical translation

  • IxeHeal trial: blocking IL17 to accelerate healing of chronic venous ulcers

Keratinocyte cancers‚Äč

  • Epidermal clonal behaviour upon Ultraviolet irradiation and carcinogenesis (NHMRC)
  • Immune responses to basal cell carcinoma

Clinical translation

  • Chemo-immunoprevention of keratinocyte cancers in solid organ transplant recipients
  • Laser ablation to reduce mutational burden in photodamaged skin (clinical trial)(NHMRC)
  • Anti-proliferative agents to reduce skin cancer in organ transplant recipients (Randomized, double blind clinical trial)(PA-Research Foundation)
  • VMAT surface radiation to prevent skin cancer (randomized clinical trial) (Genesis Care)


  • Melanoma vascularisation through endovascular progenitors and metastasis (NHMRC)

Clinical translation

  • Phase 0 study of Sox18 inhibition in adjuvant setting (Randomized clinical trial)(NHMRC)
  • Vascular and immune biomarkers of disease progression in melanoma (Cancer Council)

Student projects

  • Modulation of wound inflammation and microbiome