Our current research projects focus on:

  1. The Eastern IBD gut microbiota (ENIGMA) project, comparing the microbial communities in Australia and SE Asia in incident Crohn’s disease patients. 
  2. The NHMRC Centre for Excellence in Digestive Health, which uses novel ex-vivo combinations in microbe- and cell-culture methods to examine the pathophysiology of functional gastrointestinal disorders.
  3. Methanogensis and methanogens in IBD and related digestive disorders.
  4. Bringing genomes to life by the culture of “new” gastrointestinal and skin microbes.

Student projects

  • Wanted live not dead, bringing genomic data to life via novel culture-based methods.
  • Novel ex vivo combinations of microbe- and cell-culture studies to characterise the roles of the mucosa-associated microbiota in digestive diseases and disorders.