Researcher biography

In 2018 Dr. Amelia Soderholm was awarded a PhD in the fields of immunology and microbiology for her research under the supervision of Professor Mark Walker at the University of Queensland, Australia. Her PhD research investigated the interaction of Group A Streptococcus with innate immune signalling pathways, specifically during infection of human tonsil epithelial cells. During this time, she became interested in the role epithelial cells play in host immunity during health and disease. In 2019 Dr. Soderholm subsequently embarked on post-doctoral training with Dr. Virginia Pedicord at the University of Cambridge, UK, where her research focused on characterising the cross talk between the gut microbiome, intestinal epithelial cells, and intestinal T cell populations. Dr. Soderholm was particularly interested in what microbial and epithelial factors influence the development of CD4+CD8αα+ intraepithelial T cells, an elusive T cell population found in the small intestine. From this work she developed a strong interest in the factors that shape T cell development and function. In 2023 Dr. Soderholm returned to the University of Queensland to pursue my interest in T cells but in the context of skin cancer, under the mentorship of Associate Professor James Wells. Dr. Soderholm's research journey has equipped her with a solid foundation in T cell immunology, epithelial biology, and microbiology, along with an appreciation of the complexities of our immune system. Her career goal is to push the present boundaries of knowledge in the field of skin and mucosal immunology, utilising my skills to make meaningful research contributions to the field that can be ultimately translated into clinical applications.