It takes more than water...

1 Feb 2011

There was, admittedly, a bit of water around Brisbane just recently. Quite a lot, actually. Flooding affected thousands of houses, businesses and families throughout Brisbane, across the State, and beyond. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected. Despite the adversity, however, the goodwill, generosity and charity of the community has been overwhelming, demonstrating once again that Brisbane is an exceptional place to live and work.

Staff and students at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) returned to work a few days after the waters restricted transport routes. The Institute itself was thankfully unaffected and operations picked up from where they had been interrupted just a few days earlier.

Colleagues at other University of Queensland (UQ) campuses have also resumed business as usual.

The University’s rapid recovery has been credited to the support of hundreds of students, staff, alumni and friends who volunteered their time. Their efforts have ensured that UQ returned to normal operations just over a week after water inundated a portion of its grounds.

The community spirit of the UQDI was also brought to the fore, with many of us volunteering time, money and effort to support those around us. We have always been considered a welcoming and supportive Institute and the recent events only served to reinforce this reputation.

So despite the recent adversity, the UQDI continues forth on its journey as a leading-edge translational research facility, bringing practical outcomes to the clinic.