Professor Mark Morrison leads the Microbial biology and metagenomics group.

In 2013 Professor Morrison was appointed Chair in Microbial Biology and Metagenomics at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, which is based at the Translational Research Institute.  Here, he and his team are using DNA sequencing technologies, as well as other microbiological and genetic methods to produce new insights into the microbial world.

“When used together, microbial biology and metagenomics offer new ways to study whole communities of microbes within their natural environments, especially the crosstalk they engage in with the host” he says.

His team is the first of its kind in Australia to be immersed within a biomedical research environment.

Research projects

  • Wanted Alive not Dead: Isolation and analyses of "new" human gut bacteria
  • Bacterial mousetraps: the role of serpins in gut bacteria