Researcher biography

Dr Lauren Aoude was awarded a PhD in melanoma genetics from the University of Queensland in 2014. Her research focused on large scale genetic sequencing projects that described novel melanoma predisposition genes. In 2016, Dr Aoude was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship to investigate precision medicine for the treatment of metastatic melanoma.

Currently, Dr Aoude is a UQ Amplify Fellow in the Surgical Oncology Group at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Her research primarily focuses on ways to better predict treatment responses and outcomes for patients with cancer, particularly melanoma and oesophageal adenocarcinoma. Her research integrates genomic sequencing data from both tumours and circulating tumour DNA with clinical, pathological and imaging information. The results of her research will inform treatment decisions and improve health outcomes for patients through the integration of genomics into the clinic.