Researcher biography

I am a clinician-researcher based at the Integrating Genomics into Medicine group and at the Queensland Children's Hospital. My research is informed by my clinical experience as a genetic counsellor, where I support families undergoing genetic testing, provide genetic risk assessment, and assist families cope and adapt to their genetic diagnosis. My research has been recognised through multiple awards including Rising Star Award in 2021 by both the University of QLD Faculty of Medicine and Frazer Insitute.

My research focuses on the implementation of genomic technologies in healthcare, with expertise in polygenic risk (PGS). My current projects include:

  • developing educational modules on PGS for healthcare providers,
  • evaluating the impact of providing PGS on health behaviour and patient reported outcomes,
  • establishing pathways for laboratory accreditation of PGS in Australia,
  • developing a framework to increase participation of diverse communities in genomics research and,
  • mainstreaming genomic testing for peadiatric healthcare, with a focus on inborn errors of immunity