Researcher biography

I am an early career postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Ian Frazer's laboratory. I am a self-motivated young scientist with a research focus on cell and cancer biology, genomic instability, tumour immunology, and cellular therapies. I pursued my doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof. Kum Kum Khanna in QIMR Berghofer and conferred in April 2018, from Griffith University. Prior to my PhD, I acquired a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology, awarded in August 2013 from VIT University, India. After my PhD, I perused my first postdoctoral research experience under the supervision of Prof. Rajiv Khanna at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Throughout my PhD studies, my research was focused on the development of novelcombinatorial therapeutic strategies against aggressive solid cancers . I have a strong interest in understanding the relationship between cancer signalling pathways and tumour microenvironment in aggressive malignancies.