Dr Fiona Simpson meets with local Brisbane radio host to talk about the importance of cancer research and rubber ducks

19 Oct 2011

Laurel Edwards, radio announcer for 4KQ’s breakfast show, stopped by The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute to talk to Dr Fiona Simpson about her research projects and the upcoming Great Brisbane Duck Race.

Dr Simpson, a research leader in epithelial cancer at UQDI, spoke about the importance of cancer research and fundraising opportunities, such as the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation’s Great Brisbane Duck Race.

Dr Simpson, whom has had first-hand experience with cancer within her family, talked about the work undertaken by the researchers at the Institute to discover viable treatments for patients, and the critical importance of fundraisers, such as the PA Research Foundation.

“We’re always excited about the PA Research Foundation’s work and we really want the Brisbane Duck Race to be a huge success, because all the money raised goes straight to medical research,” Dr Simpson said.

Laurel spoke to Dr Simpson’s lab about the severity of skin cancers in Queensland and why the UQDI is an institute worthy of public funds. Dr Simpson explained that the research discoveries at the UQDI are tangible and people can see the direct effects of their work and from the research community as a whole.

“From world research, breast cancer success rates used to be only 35%. Now they’re at 85%. Professor Ian Frazer from the UQDI is responsible for the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine. Professor Ranjeny Thomas here at UQDI is in the process of developing the world’s first rheumatoid arthritis vaccine. The discoveries are being made right here.”

“Some of the research work we do in is aimed st lowering the level and severity of side-effects of cancer treatments, because we still want our patients to have a quality of life when facing the disease.”

“That is why we’re here - performing this research to try and save someone’s mother, brother, or sister or father.”

To watch the interview with Dr Fiona Simpson and Laurel Edwards, please visit the 4KQ website.

Professor Matt Brown also met with the Great Brisbane Duck Race Challenge major sponsor from Motorama and led a tour of the Institute’s laboratories and facilities. Motorama have donated a car to the value of $50,000 which is the major prize in the Great Brisbane Duck Race to be held on October 30th.

For more information, please visit www.greatbrisbaneduckrace.org.au/