Professor Riccardo Dolcetti leads the Cancer immunotherapy group.

Research interests

  • Cancer immunotherapy

Development and transfer into the clinic of new cancer immunotherapies. Particular focus is given on the exploitation of immunogenic chemotherapy in combination with established and novel immunotherapeutic approaches to improve the rate of clinical responses in cancer patients.

  • Advanced monitoring of immune responses in cancer patients

Assessment of immune proficiency and identification of markers predictive of the response to (immuno)therapy in cancer patients.

  • Pathogenesis and treatment of infection-driven tumors

Characterization of virus-host interactions of pathogenic relevance in the development of tumours associated with Epstein-Barr infection or arising in HIV-infected patients. Development of assays for the identification of individuals at increased risk of infection-driven tumors and development of novel strategies of (immuno)therapy for an improved control of these tumors.