Mock court trial examines chronic disease research

4 Jun 2012

Each year thousands of Australians are affected by chronic disease.

Diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, infection and cancers are often life threatening and debilitating, and ongoing research holds the key to preventing and managing them.

However, some of Queensland's leading researchers are asking whether current advances in disease treatment and prevention justify supporting continued research into chronic disease.

University of Queensland (UQ) Professors Ian Frazer, Matt Brown, Ranjeny Thomas, Alan Lawson and barrister Dr Sarah Derrington are taking part in a mock court trial tomorrow night, examining some of the complex issues around chronic disease education.

In what promises to be a nimble and stimulating debate, structured in the form of a trial, the opposing briefs will look at whether research spent understanding disease has translated into sufficient gains in disease treatment and prevention.

The Prosecution will allege that researchers are wasting money and not making the advancements to justify ongoing investment in research.

The defense team will be arguing the case for continued support, pointing to evidence of where the money is being spent and what's been achieved so far.

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Date & Location
Date: Tuesday 5 June 2012
Time: 6pm to 8.30pm
Location: The Auditorium
Queensland Brain Institute
Upland Road
UQ St Lucia campus

Professor Ian Frazer is internationally renown as the co-creator of the technology for the cervical cancer vaccine, and is currently CEO and Director of Research at the Translational Research Institute; Professor Matt Brown is Chair of Immunogenetics and Director of the UQ Diamantina Institute; Professor Ranjeny Thomas is a clinical Rheumatologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital and Head of the Autoimmunity programme at the UQ Diamantina Institute; Professor Alan Lawson is the UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Dr Sarah Derrington is a Brisbane Barrister-at-Law and an Adjunct Professor at UQ.

Media: For more information contact Sarah McCormack, The University of Queensland on (07) 3346 3921 at or Caroline Davy, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute on 0431 658 934.