Therapeutics Research Centre

Our broad mission is to increase the understanding of pharmaco-therapeutics and to apply this to improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our main research areas are:

  • Skin pharmaceutical science and therapeutics
  • Pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Clinical and regulatory toxicology

Specialist areas of research interest within the Therapuetics Research Centre (TRC) include: drug delivery (skin, eye, oral, mucosa), nanotechnology, including nano-based drug delivery and nano-toxicology, non-invasive imaging and modelling, cancer diagnostic imaging and therapy, pharmaco- and toxico-kinetics, ADMET.

The TRU and TRC work has been continuously supported by competitively funded grants, government partnerships and industry partnerships since inception.

There is access to LC/MS/MS, multiphoton and confocal microscopy, radiochemical analysis, HPLC and other equipment. The Centre currently has active programs with various University groups locally, nationally and internationally, as well as with government and with industry.